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"This dreamy and breathtaking performer is brilliant to watch. Cameron's powerhouse tenor during "Maria" could be felt resonating through the chairs. If you watch him too close, you will fall in love. There was a literal twinkle in his eye. I repeat, a LITERAL twinkle. What I applaud most about this actor is his ability to create relationships between his character and others. Cameron is not shy about connecting with his fellow players. When this actor looked into the eyes of his partner in the scene, you could feel the connection made, whether it was vulnerable holding Maria in his arms or strong and confident because his best and trusted friend Riff was with him." -Marko Torres

"Cameron Hale and Tamir Navarro do the hard work of making you believe Tony and Maria fall into a literally diehard romance overnight, and their voices soar on songs like "One Hand, One Heart" and "Tonight". Hale is charismatic." -Aaron Wallace, Broadway World

"He has a fine tenor, and his dreamier qualities pay off as Tony falls head over heels for Maria." -Matthew J Palm, Orlando Sentinel

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